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• Tuesday, September 22, 2009,
Capture Me Again

Haha I think most of you would be looking for this song, here it is =]

Staring in silence I see the page,
But my heart is in another place.
The music plays, the voices sing.
Oh, but what does a song really mean?

It's so sad but so true,
It's just another moment missed with you.

Oh,capture me again,
Revive what seems so dim.
Restore whole first love's fire,
My heart's desire.

So inequipped, the words of a prayer,
But they dissolve into the thin air.
I see the pain within her eyes,
I give a smile as I quickly pass by.

It's so sad but so true,
It's just another moment missed with you.

Oh,capture me again,
Revive what seems so dim.
Restore whole first love's fire,
My heart's desire.

I see the beauty of your goodness,
but I settle for something much less.
Your gentle whisper, your presence so sweet.
Will I walk away or set at your feet?
Oh, Jesus please break through.
I don't want to miss this moment with you.

Oh,capture me again,
Revive what seems so dim.
Restore whole first love's fire,
My heart's desire.

Capture me again.
Capture me again.

God Bless


• Sunday, August 23, 2009,
My lifetone vision statement

Wa seii..it's been long.
Heys lifetoners,i noe that u guys are kinda busy.
Busy studying n stuff..
But still,let's try our best to keep our blog alife.kay?=]
My mission/vision for lifetone is:
To be willing to be a servant of GOD,striving to be a living testimony,relying on GOD's word as we live.
Frm today onwards,i will try to update d blog as much as possible=]
• Tuesday, July 14, 2009,

haha okayokayokay im super excited now.
-bounces up and down-
if you guys have read the email that Darren sent out, there's gonna be a Christian music competition coming up!
okay, Superlife is planning on sending out a few teams/groups to participate in the event(:
it's gonna be really really exciting, so yup.
i hope we can get in as Lifetone. (:
details are in the email that Darren sent out.

and here's the link:D
Destiny music awards


• Monday, April 13, 2009,

hey guys!
i think its been long since we've kept in touch with one another through this blog (: ahah anyways,
hope you guys have been doing well,
i feel that superlife kids are beginning to be more involved in worship service now, praise God! :D
been feeling little lost and like confused these few days,
really guilty cos i havent been doing celebrate Jesus for the past week, and the challenge ended yesterday,
but hope i can keep up and update more often with the journal they gave yea..
sch's tiring, and mid years are coming, so lets all work hard and not give up! even though we may feel emotionally drained and tired out and dont feel like doing anything anymore,
seek God and know that our God, really really reigns; (:
have fun in school!:DD
• Sunday, February 8, 2009,

the second one's a little blur and you cant really see ..anything. but yea(:



• Monday, January 26, 2009,

haha hope you all got a lot of ang baos xDDD
anyways, david's leaving this thurs,
so lets try to make it to send him off yea? aorund 8 plus to gather ;D
details passed down soon :D
God taught me something today,
to treasure the people around you,
haha like siblings and parents and friends,
cos yup,
you wont know like one moment they may be around you,
and another time gone or something like that,
yup (:
have a happy new year and a great new start :D
• Wednesday, January 14, 2009,
Importance of salvations

well being promoted to sec 3 is not easy.
but thank GOD that HE helped mi pull thru it with the support of frens and teachers=D

2day,im gonna post about salvations.

have any1 of u heard about the word 'salvation'?
ever came across it?
u r a christin but had never truly understand YOUR salvation?

4 mi,salvation is just indescribable.

it leads the heaven 2 rejoicing.
it gives a sense of joy.
it eliminates all the past memories and turn it to become good.

thats my definition.

I was doing my homework(slackingly),and was talking to my grandma @ d same time,when something hit mi.

Her eyes were red.sore eyes maybe.Out of the blue I started to worry.

thinking back,she had being the 1 takin care of mi since young.
I came from a single-parent family background.
im always rejected by classmates and only had a few frens,but hardly no clique @ all.
But my grandma had being the 1 supporting mi in almost everything.
although i started to rebel as years past and eventually changed,i never forget how she took such great care for mi.
its definitely hard for her.
Come to think of it,i even used to scold her right in the face of people.
just bcoz i dun lyk what she do.
the way she treat mi knowing that i had already grown.

but today i regretted.
today i regretted scolding her even 1 bit.
i regretted not lyking the way she treats mi.
i regretted sinning so much.
i regretted not showing the 'CHRIST' in mi.

that means i regretted not telling her about JESUS.
not bringing her to church.
not showing my identity as a christian.

(not cursing her)By truth,she might go to a place of eternal suffering or flames after death.

I rebuke this thought!!

I dun lyk this truth.but this IS the truth.

looking @ her sore eyes,I thought that im gonna lose her.
i thought that she is gonna go.

Consciously i told myself:"theres still a many more years ahead!!=)"

even though she dunno how to read english,
"NaiNai(grandma),thank u so much for ur everlasting care and love!!"

Bring mi back to time...

the band

L i f e t o n e.
Ryan, Ben, Piying and Abby
God's little CHLDREN (:
we're not perfect, but we're doing what we love ;D

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